Safety Tip: Lifting Fallen Motorcycle

NoCo IMRG Safety Director demonstrates how to lift a fallen motorcycle.

Paul, Northern Colorado Indian Motorcycle Riders Group Safety Director, demonstrates how to upright a fallen motorcycle. A couple of NoCo IMRG Chapter members also try their hand at lifting the bike. The key to lifting a fallen motorcycle is to use your legs, and not risk injury bending down and trying to lift with your back. Turn off the…


Safety Tip: Surface Appraisal

Northern Colorado IMRG Carter Lake

If you’ve ridden a motorcycle more than a day, then you know that not all roads are the same. They are made of different materials, the quality of their surfaces varies considerably; they might be pristine and immaculate in one place, only to become pot-holed war zones a few miles further along. This is especially true right here in…


Safety Tip: Motorcycle Helmets

Motorcycle Helmets

It’s at this time of year that I look at acquiring some new gear. Maybe a new helmet is in your future, if so, here is the latest Safety Tip on helmets…Enjoy! I’m very much an advocate on freedom of choice, and in our state we are fortunate to still have the choice whether to wear a helmet while…


Safety Tip: Tire Selection

This is one of the most comprehensive videos on tire selection and the importance from a safety perspective. Bill Gray with J&P Cycles ( does a great job of illustrating the importance of tire selection and maintenance in this video. Please watch, it just may save your life. It’s hard to believe that we are only a couple of…


Safety Tip: When the Lights Go Out

We are in the middle of fall and there are many days of awesome riding weather. Cool crisp mornings that warm to a very comfortable temperature in the afternoon. The only big difference is that sunset and darkness comes much earlier. So here are some tips to make your night-time riding safer and more enjoyable: 1. Is to see!…


Safety Tip: When the Tire Fails

Northern Colorado IMRG Safety Tip “When the Tire Fails” I’ve been asked this question quite often by riders, so I figured it probably ought to be a safety tip for all to read… Braking a motorcycle under ideal conditions seems rather simple. Emergency braking, a little more complex; requiring lots of practice. But braking and bringing your bike to…


Safety Tip: Riding Strategy

Have you ever thought about your riding strategy? A strategy is a framework for making decisions about how you will ride. Before you jump in the saddle of your bike, there are some basic strategies to consider. First, is your equipment; both bike and gear. I’ve talked about T-CLOCS (tires, controls, lights, oil, chassis, stand) and the importance of…


Safety Tip: Safety Auxiliary Lights

Northern Colorado Indian Motorcycle Riders Group Poudre Canyon

NoCo IMRG Safety Tip of the Month..It’s a long one so bear with me and read to the end. Enjoy!! I get many questions while out on the road about my Clearwater lights that are mounted on each side of the fender of my Roadmaster. The common theme is why? While not trying to sound to technical there is…


Safety Tip: Protecting the Eyes

Northern Colorado Indian Motorcycle Riders Group Fort Collins, CO

I think all of us take for granted our eyesight. It’s not until your vision starts to diminish that you appreciate the times when your vision was better. Protecting your eyes is a requirement by law in our state (Colorado) while riding a motorcycle. How many of us actually do thorough research on our protective eye-wear? If you’re like…


Safety Tip: Fear

I published this safety tip a year ago and I thought amid the Coronavirus Pandemic, it would be particularly relevant today. All of us have fears. It’s normal and necessary for survival. It is our reaction to that fear which will determine our fate. A famous proverb once said our experiences are 10% percent of what the world gives…