Safety Tip: Motorcycle Essential Items

Essential items to bring on motorcycle trip

Some common-sense preparation goes a long way toward keeping you on the road, and there are some essential items to consider bringing when going on a motorcycle road trip. I had a member approach me at a meeting and asked what items I generally travel with on my motorcycle. I figured I would share this as a safety tip,…


Safety Tip: Two-Wheelin’ in the Dark

Hope everyone is doing well and getting some riding in. Here is the latest and greatest safety tip. Enjoy! Even as we are in the middle of winter, there are many days of mild temperatures that allow you to get out on the bike. The only big difference is that sunset and darkness comes much earlier. So here are…


Safety Tip: Lighten Up & Relax

While recently riding cross country to attend the 6th Annual National IMRG Ride to Jack Daniel’s in Lynchburg, Tennessee I had to remind myself many times to be light on my controls to eliminate numbness in my fingers and hands. How many of you still suffer from numbness in your hands during long rides? While you may get several…


Safety Tip: Braking in a Curve

NoCo IMRG Ride - Lookout Mountain

As I was riding in and around the Steamboat Springs area this past weekend, I was enjoying the many twisties my route presented me. I love the long sweeping corners with consistent radius’ but occasionally you are going to have those decreasing radius corners that you are unable to see the other side. I was contemplating my “what if”…


Safety Tip: “Fear”

Motorcycle Ride to Mount Evans

All of us have fears. It’s normal and necessary for survival. It is our reaction to that fear which will determine our fate. On two wheels this reaction is no different. Fear can kill you – it leads to riders panicking and making critical control mistakes or worse yet, taking no actions at all. It leads to self-doubt that…


Safety Tip: “A Survival Mindset”

Motorcycle - A Survival Mindset

Over the years of working in my profession, I have always been taught to play the “What If?” game while on-duty. This strategy forces one to actively think about their current strategy to react or respond if something bad should happen right at that moment. Hence, what if this happened, what would I do? I try to apply this…


Safety Tip: Mastering the Corner

Motorcycle Master the Corner

The surrounding area roads in our great state of Colorado are some of the most technical in the country; so it’s with this in mind that I want to address proper cornering techniques. Almost 50 percent of all motorcycle accidents are single vehicle crashes. Of these, a large percentage are the result of improper cornering techniques. Many of these…


Safety Tip: Reading Vehicle Language

I have been a little lax in my posting of monthly safety tips, so here is my latest…“Reading Vehicle Language” Motorcycling in general is a risky activity. As a rider, we need to stay focused on those risk mitigation strategies that will help keep us safe. Over the years, I have talked about several things riders can do to…


Safety Tip: Head & Eyes

I’m sure many of you have heard stories of riders colliding with objects, vehicles or just running off the road when they had plenty of space and time to avoid hazards and negotiate the roadway. Many of these riders were victims of “Target Fixation”. Many riders make the mistake of looking in the direction the bike is currently traveling….