Safety Tip: Lighten Up & Relax

While recently riding cross country to attend the 6th Annual National IMRG Ride to Jack Daniel’s in Lynchburg, Tennessee I had to remind myself many times to be light on my controls to eliminate numbness in my fingers and hands.

How many of you still suffer from numbness in your hands during long rides? While you may get several solutions from self-proclaimed experts i.e.…it’s your gloves, handlebar height or your grips are stock and you don’t have the latest and greatest.

The problem is pretty simple. It’s your grip on your grips…lighten up. I literally mean lighten up your grip. Many riders have the tendency to grip their grips too tightly resulting in numbness over time. Your touch pressure should be light, but positive. Allow the bike’s steering to do the work. This is especially true when riding on those road surfaces that have drainage grooves. Don’t fight the natural movement of the front wheel. Be light on your controls. The same applies during rides where you experience cross winds. Don’t over grip in anticipation of wind gusts. Relax and apply the necessary counter steer to the bars when those lateral forces require you too; becoming nervous and tense will only create excessive fatigue and cause you to start making rider mistakes.

So lighten up and relax.

Until next time, Ride Safe!!