Storing Your Motorcycle

If you are planning to store your motorcycle for more than 60 days, storage preparation is essential to to help protect your bike. Check out the Indian Motorcycle Storage article from the Indian Motorcycle Help Center for best practices on long-term storage.


Jump Start Indian Motorcycle

Northern Colorado IMRG - Jump Start Indian Motorcycle

With a portable micro jump starter, it’s not too hard to jump start your motorcycle. Paul, Northern Colorado Indian Motorcycle Riders Group acting Safety Director showing us how to jump start an Indian Motorcycle without removing the seat in his “how-to” video.



Life saving hemorrhage control. KNOWLEDGE IS POWERFUL: The Northern Colorado IMRG Chapter has had a few discussions at meetings and questions asked about tourniquets. Many of us carry them on our motorcycle. Having it is one thing, but being prepared on how to use it can save time and possibly a life. Here is an instructional video on how…


Indian Motorcycle PIN

Northern Colorado Indian Motorcycle Riders Group - PIN Start

A PIN can be used to start your Indian Motorcycle if the FOB quits working. If the battery in your key FOB goes bad, or you inadvertently misplaced or lost your FOB, you won’t be stranded. You can start your Indian Motorcycle using a PIN code. Paul, Secretary & Safety Director for the Northern Colorado Indian Motorcycle Riders Group…


Micro Jump Starters

Travel with peace of mind. It’s an infuriating feeling when hopping on your motorcycle getting ready to ride, and realizing your bike’s battery is dead, and you’re left stranded.  But if you travel with a portable micro jump starter, it’s not too hard to jump start your motorcycle and get it running. A few members of the Northern Colorado…


Travel First Aid Kit

Northern Colorado IMRG First Aid Kits

Ride prepared – have an emergency First Aid Kit. The Northern Colorado Indian Motorcycle Riders Group rides with First Aid Kits.  When going on our group rides, it is common practice for the Lead and Sweep to be carrying first aid kits.  These kits are kept in the NoCo IMRG locker at the dealership and checked out by the…


Travel Tool Kit

Be prepared to make minor roadside motorcycle repairs. When venturing far from home on your motorcycle, it’s a good idea to carry an emergency tool kit to help with basic repairs that might otherwise leave you stranded on the side of the road.  Let’s take a look at the most useful tools to pack a portable motorcycle repair kit. …


Safety Tip: Lifting Fallen Motorcycle

NoCo IMRG Safety Director demonstrates how to lift a fallen motorcycle.

Paul, Northern Colorado Indian Motorcycle Riders Group Safety Director, demonstrates how to upright a fallen motorcycle. A couple of NoCo IMRG Chapter members also try their hand at lifting the bike. The key to lifting a fallen motorcycle is to use your legs, and not risk injury bending down and trying to lift with your back. Turn off the…