Safety Tip: Lifting Fallen Motorcycle

NoCo IMRG Safety Director demonstrates how to lift a fallen motorcycle.

Paul, Northern Colorado Indian Motorcycle Riders Group Safety Director, demonstrates how to upright a fallen motorcycle. A couple of NoCo IMRG Chapter members also try their hand at lifting the bike.

The key to lifting a fallen motorcycle is to use your legs, and not risk injury bending down and trying to lift with your back.

  1. Turn off the motorcycle if it is still running.
  2. If possible, check or try to put motorcycle into gear to prevent rolling.
  3. If motorcycle has fallen on its right side, place the kickstand on the left side down (to prevent it from falling over after it’s been lifted).
  4. Turn the handlebars to a full-lock position with the front wheel pointed toward the ground and one handgrip close to the gas tank.
  5. Sit on the motorcycle seat with the upper part of your butt and lower back.
  6. With your hand, grab the handgrip closest to the bike.  If it’s the right-grip, squeeze the brake lever to prevent the bike from rolling as the bike is being lifted in case it’s not in gear. 
  7. With your other hand, grab a firm part of the bike such as the frame or rollbar (avoid pulling on turn signals, plastic parts, saddle bags, etc. – i.e. things that are easily broken or damaged if too much pressure is applied).
  8. Plant your feet flat on the ground in front of you with your knees bent slightly.
  9. Look straight out ahead of you and keep your back straight.  Lock your arms and start walking backward using very small baby steps, and using your leg muscles. 
  10. If the motorcycle fell on its left side, be careful not to lift too far causing it to fall over on the other side.  Once it’s upright, put the kickstand down.  Lean the motorcycle onto its kickstand, and check for damage before you ride it again.