Micro Jump Starters

Travel with peace of mind.

It’s an infuriating feeling when hopping on your motorcycle getting ready to ride, and realizing your bike’s battery is dead, and you’re left stranded.  But if you travel with a portable micro jump starter, it’s not too hard to jump start your motorcycle and get it running. A few members of the Northern Colorado IMRG already travel with one.

There are a number of low cost micro jump starters on the market and are very handy to have on a trip.  Not only can you jump start cars and motorcycles, many have USB ports for charging your phones, tablets, and helmet communication systems.  Some also have lights to see at night.  These micro jump starters are also low maintenance – holding a charge for a very long time, so you aren’t having to constantly keep them plugged into a power source to keep them charged.  Best of all, having a portable micro jump starter will provide you with additional peace of mind so you don’t have to worry about being stranded due to a dead battery. 

Indian Chieftain Starter

Generally speaking, to jump start a motorcycle you will attach the positive feed to the starter and then the negative feed to the bike’s frame. On Indian Chief/Chieftain motorcycles, the starter is mounted on the front of the engine.

Pull the boot back to expose the positive feed on the starter that comes from battery.  Put the positive alligator clip on this terminal, and the ground on the frame.  Power on and hit the start.  You’re good to go.

Scout Starter Feed

The Starter on the Scout is on the front of the bike as well, behind the radiator.  However, there’s better access to attach the micro jump starter from under the seat.  The Scout’s seat is easily pulled off.  The battery is under the fuse box, but the Starter feed is readily accessible.  Attach the micro jump starter positive clip to the starter feed, the negative to the frame.