Safety Tip: Wet Weather Riding

Wet Weather Riding

After riding all week in the bi-polar Spring season of Colorado, I figured a tip on wet weather riding would be appropriate. Most motorcyclists obviously do not prefer to ride in the rain, but if you spend a lot of time on the bike, it will be inevitable you will have to deal with wet road conditions. However, with…


Safety Tip: 5 Skills Every Rider Needs to Develop

5 Skills Every Motorcycle Rider Needs to Master

Another great post by Kevin at MCrider. Here he discusses five skills every motorcyclist needs to develop: head & eyes; following distance; slow speed maneuvering; emergency braking; cornering. Please take a look and ask yourself are these five skills something you possess. If not, why? Remember, Ride to Live and Live to Ride!! Check out his vast library of…


Safety Tip: Tire Pressure

Check Tire Pressure Before Ride

Your motorcycle is one of the most NEGLECTED items in the risk mitigation process – yet any rider who ignores this vital point, out of complacency, laziness or some idea of being “so experienced” that they can lessen its’ impact is fooling him or herself. The Motorcycle Safety Foundation teaches us the acronym T-CLOCS in conducting the pre-ride inspection…