Safety Tip: Wet Weather Riding

Wet Weather Riding

After riding all week in the bi-polar Spring season of Colorado, I figured a tip on wet weather riding would be appropriate.

Most motorcyclists obviously do not prefer to ride in the rain, but if you spend a lot of time on the bike, it will be inevitable you will have to deal with wet road conditions. However, with the right clothing, the proper technique and a bit more concentration, the ride in the rain can be enjoyable as well. The rider and the bike have to be up for the challenge.

The dynamics are usually no different in the rain than on a dry road. The difference is that acceleration, braking, turning and cornering have to be done much more gently and smoothly. Due to the decrease in traction, you cannot lean as much during cornering.

All shifting and braking should be gradual and smooth. Any abrupt acceleration and deceleration on a wet surface could result in a loss of traction.

When riding wet city streets, particular attention should be paid to manhole covers and street striping. Avoid leaning the motorcycle on these surfaces. I prefer to ride in between crosswalk striping when turning at an intersection.

If on an interstate or highway, increase you’re following distance and decrease your speed. Shifting your lane position can also help reduce the amount of road spray you encounter.

The key phrase to remember here is, “smooth is safe”.

Until next time, Ride Safe!!