Safety Tip: Surface Appraisal

Northern Colorado IMRG Carter Lake

If you’ve ridden a motorcycle more than a day, then you know that not all roads are the same. They are made of different materials, the quality of their surfaces varies considerably; they might be pristine and immaculate in one place, only to become pot-holed war zones a few miles further along.

This is especially true right here in Colorado. You may start your ride on city roads that are well maintained and smooth; then cross over to a county road where the surface quality and slope are much different, and areas that are heavily sanded from the winter weather.

The curves in one section of a road can be well lighted, perfectly banked, and of consistent radius while only a mile away a similar curve can be dark, decreasing radius, covered with ‘tar snakes’, and have rocks or sand in the tire tracks and along the edge.

Interstate highways are consistent within a state, but once you cross state lines, they can be much different. You can see this variation from Colorado to Wyoming.

So, the message here should be obvious: As you ride, whether it be from the urban corridor into the county, mountains or open interstate, be sure to be ready for changes in road surface and quality. Slow down and experience the workmanship and care of the roads for a few miles before believing that you can take that next blind curve as fast as you are accustomed to riding. Surface Appraisal should be a constant in your riding strategy and technique.

Until next time…Please Ride Safe!