Taos Road Trip

Northern Colorado Indian Motorcycle Riders Group at Red River, NM

Wow, what a trip this was. The Northern Colorado IMRG road trip led us straight into the heart of Taos, NM. With the wind in our face, and sun and rain on our shoulders, our two and three wheel adventure took us through some awesome landscapes capturing the mystique of Taos. The Rocky Mountains were breathtaking as we were cruising down the highway to our destination. Along the way we stopped for a break and lunch at EL CHILA food truck and had some Taco’s in the quiet little town of Center, Colorado. Then we hopped on our bikes and headed down the road. As we got into New Mexico we came across a place called Earth Ship Biotecture house community. You don’t see houses like that every day. Our next stop was at roadside rest area that had some vendors selling jewelry, blankets and rocks and more. It also was right along the Rio Grande Gorge bridge, which sits at 650 feet of above the river. It is the second highest bridge on the US highway system and the fifth highest in the United States with plunging cliffs and the river below it. Our next stop was our hotel. We all got checked in, and later walked down the street for a meal and fun conversation. Afterward, we hung outside of our hotel rooms and talked for a while before calling it a night. After breakfast we got on our bikes and rode the Red River Run, also called the Enchanted Circle. We stopped at the Vietnam Veterans museum, and then rode to the town of Red River, New Mexico. Later we hung out in downtown Taos for a little. The next morning, we headed home in rain.

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