NoCo IMRG Skills Training

Paul Carroll conducting NoCo IMRG skills training

Members of the Northern Colorado Indian Motorcycle Riders Group (IMRG) learning valuable road skills to stay safe on the road.

Thanks a bunch, Paul Carroll, for taking the time (on an especially “warm” day) to teach us some very valuable techniques that will help us toward becoming better and safer motorcycle riders out on the road. Valuable skills were taught and learned, and though we made improvements by the end of the day, the real value we get out of these trainings is knowing what to practice and how to execute the techniques so we become more proficient motorcycle riders. It’s impossible to fully develop these skills in such a short period, but knowing the techniques, and as Paul emphasizes, going out and practicing will help you get there.

A special thank you to Timberline Church for allowing the NoCo IMRG to use their parking lot so we can learn these important motorcycle road skills in a safe and non-intrusive environment.

Weaving Through Cones

Slow Balance & Control
Threshold Braking
Making U-Turns

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