Road Survival Skills Training – Sept 2021

Northern Colorado Indian Motorcycle Riders Group Road Survival Skills Session

It was another great motorcycle skills session taught by Paul.

Today’s Road Survival Skills motorcycle training session was a warm one, but there was plenty of cold water to stay hydrated, and we learned a lot from NoCo IMRG’s Safety Director, Paul.

We started the day doing follow the leader, which was to help us with clutch control. Throttle, brake (rear), and clutch coordination was further practiced by slow rollover on a two by four. Idea was the board should stay in place as we stopped, and then slowly maneuvered over top of it. We practiced obstacle avoidance through counter steering. Threshold braking was a key focus to teach us how to stop quickly in an emergency. We also practiced figure 8s.

Paul emphasized, if nothing else, we should at minimum continue practicing threshold braking and figure 8 turns after after this skills session.

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