NoCo IMRG Informer Newsletter (Feb 2023)

Northern Colorado IMRG Informer Newsletter

Northern Colorado IMRG Informer Newsletter (Feb 2023)


Northern Colorado Indian Motorcycle Riders Group Patch Logo

Though you may not have paid much attention lately, we often use a tagline and motto for Northern Colorado IMRG. These represent the embodiment of our Chapter and serve as the crux of our identity. Think of them as our branding. So what’s the difference between our tagline and motto?

A tagline is essentially a phrase that you want to become synonymous with your organization. When the phrase is said, you automatically think of that organization. Indian Motorcycle uses the tagline, America’s First Motorcycle Company. The Northern Colorado IMRG tagline is, Keeping the Legend Alive in the Rockies. This is symbolic of having the Rockies in our backyard where we can adventure out on amazing scenic motorcycle rides, and having the desire to keep the legend and spirit of Indian Motorcycle strong and thriving well into the future. We even had our official Chapter logo updated to include the tagline due to its strong meaning.

Our current motto is Ride, Seek, and Explore, coined by Dawn, and is being carried over from last year. A previous motto used in 2020 was Ride More, which we did, totaling 4,192 miles as a Chapter. A motto is basically a saying that expresses our current philosophy or mindset. A motto may change from time-to-time, but Ride, Seek, and Explore is still very fitting for us: Ride, because we all like to ride motorcycles; Seek, because we are always searching for an epic journey; and Explore, because we like to discover what’s around us.


We received lots of awesome ride ideas from our January Chapter meeting. We appreciate you brainstorming and bringing your ideas. You provided a lot of rides and destinations to choose from — so many in fact that it’s simply not possible for us to schedule them all (a nice problem to have)!

Mark and Randall are currently working on paring down the list and setting tentative dates. While some rides are being filtered out and other ride ideas are being combined, this year is definitely going to be jam packed with amazing rides and destinations. The year is shaping up to be somewhat different from past years with lots of new ride routes and destinations (but still hanging on to some of our favorites).

A few highlights include:

  • Post meeting rides – generally short rides after our Chapter meetings
  • Meet and greet with the Rocky Mountain IMRG (at Fort Collins)
  • Beecher Island Battlefield (just South of Wray)
  • Dinner rides and the Cinnamon roll ride
  • Durango Rendezvous multi-night trip
  • Glenwood Springs multi-night trip (leave via Trail Ridge Rd)
  • Thermopolis multi-night trip
  • Progressive Dinner ride
  • Idaho Springs (via Peak-to-Peak, Black Hawk) ….And more!

With all the great suggestions, it’s taking us a bit longer to plan out the year than we originally anticipated. We are anxious to share it with you, and will email the calendar out to everyone shortly.

ROBBIE KNIEVEL: MAY 7, 1962 – JANUARY 13, 2023

While many of us probably grew up watching the harrowing motorcycle stunts of Evel Knievel, his son, Robbie, was a motorcycle daredevil in his own right. Robbie has completed over 350 jumps and set 20 world records! His last jump was in October of 2015 (can you even imagine doing any type of jump at the age of 53?).

With Robbie’s passing (from pancreatic cancer at age 60), it’s truly the end of an era. Will there ever be another Evel or Robbie Knievel?


Now is an excellent time to replace the battery in your key fob with a fresh one. There’s nothing more aggravating than pressing the start button on your motorcycle and nothing happens, especially when you’re on a road trip. While the key fob battery may last more than a year, it’s still a good idea to replace yearly and avoid having the battery die on you at an inopportune time.

On an Indian motorcycle, indications that the key fob battery is weakening are decreased distance range for starting (i.e. you have to be right next to your bike to start), the security light stays lit longer than usual, or the battery light stays lit. Consider carrying an extra battery (and screwdriver to open the key fob) on your bike in case you need to replace it while out on a trip.

This is also a good time to learn and practice starting your motorcycle using only the PIN in case your fob quits working. On an Indian motorcycle the PIN is either entered manually using the turn signal or entered on a keypad on the Ride Command screen. Watch here where Paul demonstrates using a PIN code to start an Indian motorcycle using the Ride Command.

Tip: Store your PIN as part of a dummy phone number on your cell phone for reference in case you forget what it is.


Indian has indicated they will begin sending quarterly IMRG information. Don’t know what will be conveyed, but to receive the communication, you must opt-in. Here’s how to opt-in:

1. Log into your Account on (create one if you don’t have one).

2. Navigate to “Home” within your Account.

3. Click on the IMR block in the first row of “Home” within your Account.

4. Look toward the bottom of that page to “Select a chapter” and pick 2036 Northern Colorado.

5. Confirm your Chapter selection.


While contemplating possible rides for 2023, a funny moment came to mind on a past ride. In July of 2020, the Chapter went on a multi-night excursion to the Black Hills. We traveled through Custer State Park to see some bison, which were hidden pretty well because we never saw any. However, we did come across a group of donkeys crossing a rather busy park road.

To make sure her foal made it across the road and away from all the crazy tourists, and didn’t dally around in front of traffic, a very protective mamma grabbed him by the neck and continued to pull him to the other side of the road to safety. It was a very funny sight to see, but you could completely relate to her situation.

We chuckled about this for the remainder of our trip. Fortunately Dan was able to capture the moment on his GoPro. See the video here!


At our January Chapter meeting, Jeff shared information he received from a recent dealership meeting that he attended. Jeff reported on what sounds like renewed interest from Indian Motorcycle to revitalize and provide more, or better, support for their various owner. Indian is realizing those who join an IMRG, or look to have Elite Status, are many more times likely to spend on motorcycle parts, gear, and accessories as well buy a future Indian Motorcycle.

What programs are Indian Motorcycle focusing on for 2023?

IMR (Indian Motorcycle Riders). IMR is any Indian Motorcycle owner that has an account on the Indian Motorcycle website. Indian Motorcycle will email them special offers, events, etc., and is simply how Indian Motorcycle addresses all of their owners.

Elite Status. Any owner can buy this on the Indian Motorcycle website for $50 (annually). Elite Status offers premium owner benefits such as free shipping and 50% off annual owners’ events. Individuals do not have to be a member of an IMRG to buy Elite Status.

IMRG (Indian Motorcycle Riders Group). The IMRG is a supported owner program that lives at the local dealership level where all aspects of the group can be customized based on what works for them. The IMRG is an option for owners that want to be a part of a local community riding group.

1901 Club. This program and more details will launch April 1st. This will only be available for new Indian Motorcycle owners. When the odometer on their motorcycle hits 1901 miles, the owner will go to the dealership to show the odometer and claim their free 1901 Club swag. The hashtag #1901CLUB will be used on social media for owner to celebrate reaching this milestone.

Referral Program. An owner and friend both get $250 in parts, gear, and accessories (PG&A) if a friend purchases a new Indian Motorcycle. A current owner registers a friend online and sends a referral code. The friend uses that referral code when buying a new motorcycle. Both current owner and friend receive $250 store credit.

Ambassador Program. An Ambassador is an owner that is hand selected through a national Ambassador application process. An Ambassador is an Indian Motorcycle enthusiast who is asked to help promote Indian through their social media, host a couple of rides, attend at least 10 local events, hand out $500 referral promo cards to potential buyers, provide feedback to Indian about what they are hearing. Ambassadors receive a substantial discount off a new Indian Motorcycle and PG&A.


For 2023, several models received updates to touchscreen displays, mufflers, brakes, clutches, and trims. However, there are two major highlights standing out from the rest: a new FTR Sport, and a limited edition Challenger Elite.

The new, 2023 FTR Sport is a mid-range FTR replacing the FTR S. It sits below the FTR R Carbon and above the FTR Rally. Its aesthetics include a number plate, chin fairing, seat cowl, and touts a new tank panel design.

Indian Motorcycle will also be offering the 2023 Indian Challenger Elite for riders looking to be more exclusive and elevated from the rest. There will only be 150 available with less than 50 outside of the U.S. The limited-edition Chal-lenger will have Sapphire Blue Smoke paint with Black Smoke and Titanium Metallic Smoke accents.

Some of the Indian Challenger Elite’s premium features include: three selectable ride modes, electronically adjustable rear suspension, Smart Lean Technology, adaptive LED Headlight, LED driving lights, adjustable flare windscreen, heated grips, Power-band Audio with Saddlebag Speakers, and a new Precision Cut five-spoke wheel.


Jeff also mentioned at our January Chapter meeting that Indian Motorcycle has indicated they will continue to move from script to block letters in advertising, promotional material, and decal labeling.

Overheard Yvonne saying at the meeting, “The real reason why Indian Motorcycle is phasing out script in favor of block letters is that the younger generation can’t read cursive.”

…And she just might be right!


If you or anyone you know might be interested in owning this centerpiece, contact Jeff at Indian Motorcycle of Fort Collins. The media hearth, television, and Indian Motorcycle headdress sign that’s immediately above the TV will be bundled together.

An integral part of the Dealership’s Indian Motorcycle décor will soon be replaced. The iconic media hearth with its warm and welcoming façade which acted as a primary focal point at the dealership is being superseded and replaced with a new, more contemporary corporate design.

The media hearth measures 12’ wide x 8’4” high x 1’11” deep, and comes apart in sections.


On December 29, 2022, Indian formally notified the U.S. National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) of the faulty kickstand installed on all 2022 Chiefs. There is a potential for the kickstand to not fold rearward and upward if it contacts the ground when the motorcycle is moving forward, posing a crash hazard and risk of serious injury. As a result, the recalled models don’t comply with the Motor-cycle Controls and Displays regulations under the Federal Motor Vehicle Safety Standard.

See recall details on the Polaris website.

You can also use Polaris’ new search tool to quickly learn if a specific on-road vehicle is part of a safety recall by entering your Vehicle Identification Number (VIN).


We recently received a note from IMRG National regarding the NoCo IMRG Instagram.

You can follow our Chapter on Instagram at

Ride. Seek. Explore.

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