“National” Indian Motorcycle Riders Group – Free to Join

The National Indian Motorcycle Riders Group has eliminated membership fees and member tiers.  It is now free to join the National IMRG.  Local IMRG Chapter fees are still applicable.  The National IMRG will continue to support local chapters.

Here are a few of the National IMRG changes announced for 2020:

  • Anyone can become a National IMRG member by joining for free at imrgmember.com.
  • There are no longer any membership tiers, only National IMRG members.
  • Dealerships and local chapters will have more flexibility in managing local IMRG chapters.
  • Each local chapter is responsible for managing their memberships and dues.
  • Existing National IMRG members will no longer receive emails from National IMRG, but will begin receiving Indian Motorcycle Owners email newsletters directly from Indian Motorcycle.
  • IMRG Officers will continue to receive monthly National IMRG newsletters, and the Officers will share news with their local Chapter members.
  • All National IMRG members who renewed their membership in 2019 will be enrolled in the Indian Motorcycle Riders Elite program (coming Spring 2020) for one year.

In addition to the National IMRG changes, there is now a separate Indian Motorcycle owners program – “Indian Motorcycle Riders.”  Some benefits include:

  • Do not have to be part of IMRG.
  • Monthly owner email newsletters from Indian Motorcycle.
  • Exclusive offers and discounts.
  • Indian Motorcycle referral program.
  • Owner’s event invitation at national events.

Elite status benefits will include:

  • Magazine subscription (2x year)
  • $25 parts, garment, accessories birthday coupon card
  • VIP owner line access at Indian Motorcycle events
  • More to be determined…

Learn more about the Northern Colorado Indian Motorcycle Riders Group local Chapter