Randall Holman

Randall Holman Northern Colorado Indian Motorcycle Riders Group President

Randall Holman – Northern Colorado IMRG President


The Indian Motorcycle revival had been simmering on the back burner of my mind for quite some time, fueled by the occasional article describing the powerful Thunderstroke engine.  On a fairly warm February day in 2017, on a whim, I found myself pushing open the doors of Indian Motorcycle of Fort Collins.  I hadn’t been to this dealership since they added Indian Motorcycles in late 2015.  Content with my trusty Victory Vision Tour, I was simply visiting to satisfy my curiosity.  But as I scanned the showroom floor, my gaze collided with a sight in metallic red burgundy – a brand new Roadmaster, fresh off the delivery truck.  Though my head tried to argue otherwise, my Victory was a loyal companion, the miles etched onto its chrome a testament to countless adventures.  Yet, there was something about the Roadmaster I couldn’t shake.  “There’s a demo you can take out,” the salesman offered, a knowing gleam in his eye.  Minutes later, the Colorado air whipped through my helmet as the asphalt blurred beneath the Roadmaster’s wheels.  It was pure magic – the effortless power, the responsive handling, the symphony of the V-Twin echoing around me.  When I pulled back into the dealership, the decision was made.  My Victory found a new home, and I rode home on my brand new 2017 Indian Motorcycle Roadmaster.


The Northern Colorado IMRG chapter is more than just a riding group; it’s a family forged by the shared passion of the open road.  The camaraderie runs deep, and each mile is a testament to the joy found in the company of kindred spirits.


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